What is Farmklang ?

Founded in 2013, Farmklang is a collective of DJ's,

musicians and music lovers, based in Hamburg.


House, Techno and much more.


We organize events and play for the good people to

have fun, move their bodies and enjoy the music as

well as the dance floor. From organic sounds to the

new and progressive electronic beats.

Original music from the underground to connect the

audience in one mind, and dance free !

Farmklang is a multicultural collaboration, mixing the

different influences from Balkan, middle-eastern, african,

latin, western and far-eastern, all under a beat that unites

it in the groove. Whether coming from our inspiration,

or the world-wide artists who come to join us and play.

We also play tribute to live bands when we can, during

parties or at "open air" festival events we produce, to

bring our vision in music, energy and culture out to you.


As far as sound goes, we construct and build our own

high-fidelity speakers, with great attention to the low-end

frequencies, to bring you the optimal experience needed.


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See you soon :)